Danny's Drive In

Summer of 1949 - Danny and his father search the area for a suitable location for his first "cup" building. Dan selected a lot in Centralia while his father opted for a lot north of the Ashland Hospital, the present location. Sometimes listening to your father is a good idea.

Danny's in 1949
Danny's in 1950

Fall of 1950 - After a successful first year of business, Dan and his wife and business partner, decided to construct a new block building with some seating along with takeouts.

Spring of 1957 - With Danny's food and ice cream catching on around the area, the Boulevard Drive In needed more seating, so an addition with the booths and more stools was completed. A P. A. system was attached to the roof so customers could be told their food was ready - "Number one please, Number one".

Danny's in the Fifties
Danny's today

July 1989 - Danny sells his business to his oldest son Randy. The business started out being called the Boulevard Drive In because of its location on South Hoffman Boulevard, however, over the years customers commonly referred to it as "Danny's". Around 1990 a new facade was created with the name "Danny's" in red neon. The business was officially renamed "Danny's" Boulevard Drive In, thus recognizing Randy's father, Danny, the original owner. Sometimes listening to your son is a good idea!